FashMag Review: Allure – September 2016

Fashion Magazine Review: Allure Magazine – September 2016


It has been a while since I posted about Allure magazine. I love the photographs that you find in this magazine, because it is always so fun and creative. I am a huge fan of fun and extravagant makeup coupled with unique styling and they never disappoint.

This particular issue is great because it shows a contrast in fashion photography and two situations in which each style is necessary. So lets just jump right in to this months issue of Allure Magazine!


1. Will Davidson // Reason to Smile // http://www.mapltd.com/


First word that comes to mind is ‘classic’ when I look at these series of images. Jessica Alba is obviously gorgeous and could be photographed in a trash bag and still kill it. However, what I mean about classic is that this type of image is very typical for the subject matter. When an actress or other famous person is photographed you often see them in simple poses, styling and environments that are both flattering and “typical”. The idea is that anyone could look good in these types of situations.



When you photograph in this timeless style you have to rely on the person that you are photographing to engage your audience rather than the fluff. If you notice, Alba is wearing simple makeup, nothing flashy, her clothing is very normal for “beach life”, and her posing is natural and playful. She has to be able to captivate the viewer and keep them interested on her own, which she does very well in this series. It’s simple, pure beauty.



2. Jason Kibbler // Drama Majors // www.jasonkibbler.com


These images are by far my favorite of the magazine this issue. They are simple in that the styling is still on the mild side for this genre, but they are so engaging. I just can’t stop looking at these women’s faces and exploring every detail of the photograph.



To speak to the contrast I mentioned at the beginning, in these images it is no longer about the person that is being photographed, it is all about the styling of the models. The makeup, hair, clothing, and even posing are focused on the overall look rather than the model. The faces are very mute, almost expressionless, so the model herself is not the person keeping the viewer engaged. Instead you are captivated by the interesting colors and obscure outfits. This is just another type of photography within the fashion realm and it has it’s place in these situations.


This last image is my favorite. I can’t stop looking at her face and then scanning the whole picture over and over. The orange tones on her eye, the slightly open mouth, the way her head is leaned against the brick wall, the amazingly funky jacket that perfectly contrasts the makeup… The list just goes on and on. The styling for this shoot was incredible and that was the focus.

As always let me know what you think in the comments below! Check out Will and Jason’s work. They are both extremely talented photographers and have an amazing portfolio!

Until next time, live your dreams and may passion never die!


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