FashMag Review: Nylon – April 2017

Fashion Magazine Review: Nylon Magazine – April 2017

I have never reviewed a Nylon magazine on this blog before and that was intentional. This was because I have never really been a fan of Nylon’s editorials. Their photography was always too strange and felt try-hard to be artistic. I have no problem with people trying to think outside of the box, but if the work doesn’t speak to me I have no reason to talk about it.

This issue is different though. Well slightly different. There are three main editorial shoots featured, Gold Rush, Crystal Vision, and In Living Color. I am going to talk only about Gold Rush today, because it is the most impactful for me. I really like Crystal Vision, so I will showcase it, but it isn’t worth talking about. And “In Living Color” does nothing for me. I find it uninspiring and almost… boring?

So, let’s dive into my first FashMag review of Nylon Magazine!


Harper Smith // Gold Rush // harpersmithphotography.com

I love these images and, quite honestly, this photographer. I find the images so effortless. I am biased, but I’ve always been interested in this carefree lifestyle represented here. It is common and trendy to portray models in this manner, but this shoot showcases it perfectly.

The images are all very warm and saturated; a nice touch. The use of the sun, as well as natural shadows, are mesmerizing. Many “photography rules” are broken in this series, yet it works. I like the different light tones on the models face even though that would never be considered acceptable practice. I love the dramatic bright and dark in the background, which normally distracts the eye and cuts the image into chunks. Everything just works…

I don’t have much more to say about these photographs. There is nothing revolutionary about them, but what I will say is that they speak to me. They make me linger. I want to be like that model. I want her attitude and style and life. That’s what good photography will do to you. At least that is what it does for me.


Charlotte Rutherford // Crystal Vision // charlotterutherford.com

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What do you guys think of the photographs? Comment below what your opinion is and how impactful photographs affect you!

If you want to see the rest of the photo shoots make sure to check out Nylon April 2017 issue.

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