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Oyster & KALTBLUT Fashion Magazines, Instagram Profile Feeds

One of my favorite things to do is sit down with a Fashion Magazine and just absorb all of the inspiration I see. With social media SO MUCH MORE content is at my fingertips! Today, in another installment of INSTAspiration, lets focus Instagram on accounts that have such creative bodies of work, Fashion Magazines!

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I no longer need to have a physical copy of a magazine in order to browse the inspirational work of fashion photographers. Don’t get me wrong, I still love holding a magazine and turning physical pages, something about print is just fantastic. However, Instagram has given me a digital playground to search for more content in one of my favorite categories!

The best part about searching through these Fashion Magazine Instagram accounts is that they post a wide variety of images and not just fashion photography. Most of them also cover lifestyle, entertainment, etc. With all of these categories they are posting content that makes me seek inspiration outside of the box! Never limit yourself and always be open to unique creative possibilities!

Lets jump right in! Here are my two current favorite Fashion Magazine Instagram accounts to follow:

INSTAspiration: Fashion Magazines

1. Oyster Magazine – @oystermagazine

Oyster Fashion Magazine, Instagram Profile Feed

Oyster Magazine “is a fashion, beauty, music, and culture title, published since 1994.” What I love about this account is their focus on people. Going through their account, for as long as you can scroll, almost every picture is of a person. People photography is my favorite photography, and Oyster doesn’t leave me disappointed!

Oyster Fashion Magazine, Instagram Profile Feed, Three Images

Each image is able to stand alone, yet they all speak with the same voice. This is a feat that every Instagram account should be able to accomplish, but is hard to do. Oyster also details every post with information on the model, the shoot, the photographer, etc. which makes it much easier for me to dig deeper. I find the best way to learn about the fashion industry is through seeking out professionals involved in the creation of these images. These posts make that task much easier for me! 😉

Oyster Fashion Magazine, Instagram Profile Feed, Popup Image

2. KALTBLUT Magazine – @kaltblut_magazine

KALTBLUT Fashion Magazine, Instagram Profile Feed

KALTBLUT Magazine is “a print / online magazine for Art, Fashion, Music. Made in Berlin!” I found this magazine through my trusty Google searches! I’m constantly looking for new and exciting content and found these guys a while back. I just love their Instagram Feed! It is so creative and inspiring to me. The work is very well done and professional. It also helps that it is foreign, because a lot of the work is stuff I have never seen before!

KALTBLUT Fashion Magazine, Instagram Three Images

What I appreciate the most with KALTBLUT is that there is such a wide variety of content on their feeds. You will find anything from styled shoots, to model shots, to pictures of their travels! They also include male models quite frequently, which you don’t come by often. The esthetic of their feed is very fresh and yet carefree. It captures my attention without even trying.

KALTBLUT Fashion Magazine, Instagram Popup Image

To see more their feeds, please go follow Oyster and KALTBLUT on Instagram! The link to their profiles are included in the post!

I feature Fashion Magazines on the blog all the time! If you want to see more content about photo shoots and photographers found in fashion magazines, check out My Magazine Reviews!

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Please let me know what you think of these two Instagram Feeds! I am also always looking for new accounts to follow so comment some of your favorite accounts and I will check them out!

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Until next time, live your dreams and may passion never die!


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