Photographer Spotlight: Jason Kibbler

Jason Kibbler

One of the main reasons why I do posts featuring contemporary fashion photographers is because too often I find myself entranced in a series of images without ever looking to see who’s responsible for their creation. Jason’s photographs are everywhere, and I always save his work in Pinterest boards, personal photo albums, and magazine reviews. However, I never put his name and his work together.

From Jason, “I am an Australian fashion photographer based out of New York. My work has appeared in Dazed & Confused, Interview, Numero, international Vogues & more.”

His portfolio can be found at or

Kibbler’s online portfolio is full of work for various publications with a large variety of the type of image he has produced. I went through each page picking out the work that spoke to me the strongest for this post. After whittling it down a few times, here are my favorite images and why from fashion photographer Jason Kibbler.

Twin Magazine: In Bloom

This photo shoot was by far my favorite of his works. I am slightly partial because I have a love of all things floral, which is heavily featured in this editorial. Aside from that, there are a few reasons why this shoot stood out among the rest.

First, Styling & Scenery.

The floral patterns with flashy and bold accessories accompanied with the busy and similar environments made for a world of depth in each image. I know that more is not always (or usually ever) better than clean, simple pictures. But it works with this narrative and the attitude of the models. These pieces reflect a rebellious, carefree, and free-thinking mentality that makes for a personal connection with the viewers.

Second, Esthetic.

Each image plays heavily on low depths of field, blur, and grunge. The esthetic is more of a trendy look and feel that is popular for magazines like Paper, Nylon, etc. It also plays on the “alternative” beauty trend I’ve seen a lot. I love the execution of these styles. They just WORK. It doesn’t fee forced or out of place.

Third, Posing.

The last characteristic I love, which goes for all of Kibbler’s work, is his model posing. The models seem to “fit” in their environments. I attribute this to their posture, expressions, and overall interaction with the camera. They match the editing, the scenery, the clothes, and they are the ones to create the overall feeling of the shoot that appeals to me so strongly.

Other Work

Below I will include a few of my other favorite images from Kibbler’s portfolio. His work resonates with me because of his ability to mix variety with consistency. Variety in the sense that none of his pieces look like they came from the same photographer. Consistency in that each shoot fits within this idea of muted color palettes and obscure features. How about I let the images speak for themselves…

As always, I would love to know what you think of Jason Kibbler’s photographs. Do you agree or disagree with my opinion? Which image(s) stand out to you the most? Leave a comment below.

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