Tumblr Blog – The Coveteur

Tumblr Blog – The Coveteur

I am going to do something a little bit different this week. I normally focus on Instagram when talking about social media platforms for fashion photography. However, today I want to talk about Tumblr. Tumblr is a very unique place with quite a few types of content. You honestly never know what you are going to find. The freedom that Tumblr gives its users allows for a fun and chaotic ecosystem of content.

The entire platform is focused on blogging. These blogs range anywhere from journals to photo galleries. The variety of layouts and looks a blog can take on gives each user a unique feel to their blog and the way they can present their content. I wanted to debut this series with The Coveteur because I feel that they have found such a unique voice in the way they share their content.

One thing you will notice with this blog is that it is not just fashion photography. The Coveteur is “all things fashion, beauty, health and wellness, travel and lifestyle.1” As such you get a lot of random food pictures, interior design, and other typical feminine ‘lifestyle’ content. But with that being said, the fashion photography I found within the blog really stood out to me as unique. Each piece of content fits so well into their curated brand.

The downside to this blog is that the photographers aren’t ever credited. It is more of just a visual gallery to scroll through and enjoy. It was a nice break from the usual Instagram account or even the traditional fashion magazine. I highly recommend checking out all of their social media platforms, but most importantly their Tumblr.

Make sure to check out my other social media focused posts here and let me know what your favorite social media platform is in the comments!

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